Embalming fluid (formaldehyde), rechargeable battery fluid (cadmium), deadly poison (Hydrogen Cyanide). These are just some of the ingredients that go into cigarettes. Make non-smoking your goal. With the help of solution based hypnotherapy, you’ll achieve it, FAST!

Could my business benefit?

Workplace stress is a costly business. The average cost of a sick day for employees in the UK is £618. With 11.3 million working days being lost per year, it’s clear to see the financial implications of illness. Research has shown that stress in the workplace is directly responsible for 25% of absences. By providing employees with access to either group sessions on how to manage their stress through solution based hypnotherapy, or individual sessions tailored to meet their needs, business could help increase productivity as well as improving their employees’ sense of wellbeing.

Solution focused hypnotherapy uses practical, well researched strategies to make effective and positive changes in a short space of time. It looks at what you want to achieve rather than the causes of the problem and utilising the trance state it helps you reach your goals.

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