Does Homeopathy Work?


450 million visit a homeopath worldwide (Boiron Report), or consult a homeopath each year.

There is much anecdotal material to suggest that homeopathy works.

There is a small body of academic research to suggest that it is effective. Click here to visit The Society of Homeopaths research information.

As with anything many factors may have been involved in contributing to feeling better, but if you do then it has been successful.

My own story

21 years ago I was under considerable stress and I developed symptoms.

I was given an appointment with 2 consultants, one for each bit of me that was causing problems. The decision was I needed to see a third consultant.

Before seeing the third consultant I saw a homeopath for the first time. The whole of my case was taken, and all parts considered. When I went to my third appointment my body had stabilised and no medical intervention was necessary.

The situation I was experiencing had remained the same.. The only change had been my taking a remedy.  This does not constitute proof that homeopathy worked, but my body appeared to moderate its reaction to an ongoing stressful situation without recourse to medication.

It worked for me

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